Please note that not all procedures are available at present due to COVID-19. As always, your dentist will explain your treatment options.

Dental Assessments

New patient assessment, inc. 2 small x-ray £75
Private child examination 0-10yrs £20
Private child examination 11-15yrs £30
Routine oral exam & mouth cancer screening (16yrs+) £45
X-ray £8
Emergency or Review Appointment (non-AGP*) £50
Emergency (AGP*) £120

Preventative Care

Hygienist (30 mins) not available N/A
Hygienist (45 mins) £90
Hygienist (60 mins) £100
Fluoride Application £5
Disclosing and Plaque Scoring £25

General Dental Care

Fillings – tooth coloured

Small Filling – one surface from £120
Medium Filling – 2 surfaces from £140
Large Filling – 3+ surfaces from £170

Fillings – Silver

Small Filling from £120
Medium Filling from £130
Large Filling from £160

Semi-permanent Fillings

Glass ionomer from £120

Root Fillings

Front tooth (canine or incisor) from £450
Premolar from £550
Molar from £650
Temporary Filling from £50


Extraction (retained roots, incisors, premolars) from £120
Extraction (molar teeth) from £130

Guards & Splints

Sports guard (under 18) from £70
Sports guard (adult) from £85
Preventative splint from £120

Cosmetic treatment

Crowns and Veneers

Non-precious-metal crown from £490
Porcelain bonded crown from £490
Gold crowns from £540
Zirconia or Emax Crown (metal free) from £590
Core, post and porcelain bonded crown from £650
Re-cement crown (non-AGP*) from £50
Re-cement crown (AGP*) from £120
Veneer from £500


Adhesive bridge from £690
Conventional bridge – per unit from £500
Whitening (single arch) from £170
Whitening (both arches) from £275


Partial acrylic – single arch from £520
Partial Metal (chrome cobalt) – single arch from £850
Partial Flexible – single arch from £650
Complete acrylic set – both arches from £900
Addition to plate from £90
Reline of plate from £100
Immediate acrylic denture – single arch from £200

Fees valid from 1st July 2021. Fees subject to review any time. Next scheduled review 1st October 2021.

*If during the course of a non-AGP procedure it becomes necessary to start an AGP procedure, the AGP procedure costs will apply.