Nervous Patients

Please note that many of our facilities are currently unavailable due to COVID-19 procedures, but we are still the same friendly, welcoming team – behind the masks!

Nervous Patients

We understand completely how you feel about dental treatment (in fact, one of our dentists is dental-phobic) and we understand that the first big step you have made is even to consider coming to visit a dentist. We don’t mind if it has been 10 months or 10 years since you last saw a dentist; we are here to help you. We have patients who travel from all over the UK to come and see us and we aim to provide the most gentle, comfortable and sympathetic care that we can.

“ As a new (and nervous!) patient who really didn’t like the dentist, I can’t thank you all enough for helping me get over my fear!

Things we do to help you

Waiting area

Our waiting area is set up so that it doesn’t feel like a normal dentist waiting room. All the magazines are changed monthly, there are comfortable chairs, a water cooler, and a friendly receptionist to put you at ease. There is a separate children’s area with a playhouse, toys, and computer games.
If you don’t like waiting rooms, we can arrange your appointment at the beginning of the day or just after lunch so that you can come straight through to the treatment room.

“ It’s like coming to a spa, not a dentist, as the experience is relaxing.

Treatment Room

We will always come and invite you through in person so you know where you going and can have a chat on the way in. We will introduce you to the dentist as you come in and show you where you can put your belongings. We try make the chair as comfortable as possible and can offer cushions or blankets as well. We offer specially heated warm towels to wipe and refresh yourself. Air-conditioning makes sure that you are at the temperature most comfortable for you. We always try and keep our treatment rooms clutter-free.

“ They always make me feel comfortable and as a nervous patient this is very important to me.


We never rush treatment, we always take as long as you need, even if it takes several visits to get just one thing done, or if you prefer, a single visit for several treatments. We have numbing gels and our dentists are very skilled at providing injections with as little pain as possible. We employ behaviour management techniques to help you relax. Our dentists are very sensitive to how you are feeling and we will always adjust our own behaviours and approaches to suit you and make you comfortable. We will always ensure that you know exactly what treatment we have suggested and what the alternatives are, how much it will cost and how long it will take.

“ Very careful and gentle treatment; the most painless injections for anaesthetic I’ve ever experienced. Good impartial advice and reasonable prices. All round positive – I don’t fear coming to the dentist any more.


We will always give you as much control as possible. When you first arrive, you can choose to sit on whichever chair you’d like to, not necessarily the big treatment chair at first; there is a regular chair for you to start your checkup and have a chat with the dentist, to get to know them.

“ Very efficient and friendly. Extremely good at communicating what is being done and the choices as to what treatment can be carried out.


We believe the most important part of treating nervous patients is listening. We will take us much time as we need to talk to you about what is worrying you, and how we can help you. We will offer you choices all the way and, at any point during any of your treatment, you can leave and rebook if you feel you have had enough. We can be flexible in how we treat you, and how much you’d like to have done at each appointment. Each session will be completely led by you and your choices, there will not be any pressure to continue if you are uncomfortable.

“ Plenty of time given to me to discuss my teeth and advice given to keep them in tip top condition.

Stop Sign

We make sure you are very clear about how to stop us during treatment, for whatever reason, and what sign is easiest for you, whether it is a sound, raising a hand or wiggling a finger. Even if we don’t see you stopping us, we stop regularly during treatments to check that you are OK, and if we feel that if you are in distress we will stop and check with you. Our nurses are also trained to check that you are OK during treatment and will stop the dentist if they notice you need a break.

“ Lovely practice and staff, feel well looked after


We are committed to working with you in co-operation to find out strategies and treatment plans that will work best for you. We will explain exactly what is possible in the long term, but also manage your expectations in the short term about how much we can do with you. We remind you that, on some visits, you will make huge leaps in progress, and others you may feel slightly disappointed that you haven’t made a lot of progress and that this is OK. There is no time limit on how long things take. Everyone is different and treated accordingly.

“ The dentists are kind, helpful, explain everything, are brilliant at administering local [anaesthetic] slowly and painlessly. All the staff are friendly and helpful.


We will attempt to give you 100% of our attention during your treatment. If the dentist is busy setting up for treatment, the nurse will be there to ensure that you are happy and settled. Whilst you are in the treatment room you are the most important person there. We will explain exactly what is going on and what you can expect at each stage. Nothing will come as a surprise to you.

“ I’ve always been treated well and given great advice and care and my dentist has always explained each process thoroughly step-by-step.


During treatment you can chose what music or radio station you listen to, you can bring your own music with an iPod/etc, or we can chat to you through the treatment.

“ Can you imagine having a dental appointments of a couple of hours without being slightly bothered, going to the hygienist and feeling pampered? It isn’t necessary to imagine it; this has been my actual experience at Urchfont Dental Care, and they will confirm that I am a dental coward, a baby, I make no bones about!